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well, went out saturday(late start due to last call at bar) went directly to the shipping channel, about 17 ft.i i think it was near the 27 marker.
caught one walleye 16 inches and then nothing for about 45 mins.
went to deeper water(28ft) hit the silver bass in force, must have caught 50 before moving.
decided due to weather outlook to head closer to shore, went right by the dropoff at metro to about 9 ft. caught 6 largemouth drifting with crawlers, all about 2 lbs, and great fighters, also managed to get 9 perch to bring home, all around 9 inches.
had a Great day out there, and saw a wonderful rainbow around 830pm,
even though it rained a bit, had one of the best days we have had this year.

today around noon, my girlfriend and i decided to fish from shore between south river and metro, caught 9 largemouth and 7 jumbo perch, perch were all over 10" and healthy.

hope this helps you all out, the silver bass were amazing, great spot to take a kid out there.
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