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saturday report

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went out from ginos, 13 fow, got 2 smallmouth and 4 keeper perch, around 2pm, went out and dodged the freighters, got into about 32 ft of water and started getting a few nice 12 inch perch along with 2 more big smallies, 3+ lbs.
well, i was content with that, but i did manage to get a 23" Huge, fat walleye, i mean fat!! from 30 some odd feet down, you can imagine the guessing and hoping on the way up.
it swallowed most of the harness.
my girlfriend saw it and said "What is that?" as she netted it
i said" a walleye"
"Thats a WALLEYE?!"
haha, biggest one she has ever seen.
hopefully as soon as i finish the role i will put pictures up, probably a small one compared to some of the ones you guys get!!!
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Your reports are " TOPS " I really look forward to them. Always something exciting. I can see you bringing that baby up from 30 feet and and and being it that place we fish for all the way up. And her going WHAT IS THAT, in shock from the size of the unknown fish. You get a" OH MY " from h2o. Great job and she gets credit for the net job
Hurry up and go fishing again so we can have another excellent report WTG Dgreif.

h2o<--says Grrrrrrr 8
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