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I purchased a 95 Chriscraft 282 Crown last summer. I paid to have the boat prepped for winter last year and that included preparation of the fresh water and waste systems. As far as the water systems go do I have to do anything with them before I put the boat back in the water such as opening or closing seacocks. If so where would I find them, what do they look like and should they be opened or closed before the boat goes back in the water? There were no manuals with the boat when I purchased it.
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Basically they are valves that shut the flow of fluids into or out of your boat. They could be on :

Bilge drain outlets
engine cooling water inlets
onboard head water inlet
wash down pump inlet
The one on my boat lok no different than a large water faucet valve except they are bronze.

You may also have shut off valves on your engine fuel lines located at the fuel tank.

hope this helps
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Some people also think they are a male appendage that is used to discharge excesss liquid consumables in the Bay.

If you don't know for sure where they are make sure you get someone out there or hire someone who knows where they are and who know how to dewinterize the boat. A couple of years ago I forgot to hookup one line (the water inlet) to the toilet and it was put in the water and it slowly filled and the bilge couldnt keep up with the flow and we got a call from the marina about three days later that our boat was sitting on the lake bottom. (Fortunately it was only about 3 feet deep in the well and only the battery charger had to be replace, the engines were submerged but they dried out, oil changed twice, and they never gave us a problem.)
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