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Selfridge Barracks

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T started this years ice fishing over at the barracks and did excellent for three or four days. Limited twice with nothing smaller than 8" and havn't got into anything since. Does anyone know where the fish are because I sure can't find em?
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Yo Steve "O"........Come here more than twice aand see what happens......

Email me personally and we may be able to catch a

Steve O

I wouldn't leave the area! I did well near there. I found they were just a little finiky. We watched the fish through the hole and pulled away from the small and let the larger fish take the varied baits.

anyone interested in catching walleye, I was out at bud's this morning and fished till early afternoon didn't do so hot on the perch but ran into some guys who had a bucket full of walleye. Said they were about a mile out and jigged 3" white plastic grubs. Said they caught them all in the morning
Steve, are they driving on the ice around Bud's?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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