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Selfridge Fishng Report 2/11/03

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Everything was woking today. I went out with my buddy and my brother and we had our limit just before we ran out of bait. Wigglers, waxi's, and minnows were all working good. There was constant fish action all day I saw a few pike today. One of which made my day very exciting. I was about to catch a micro perch when a pike came in and smoked him. He was about a 25 incher all I could do was stare. I was in awe.
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Glad to hear that you did so well... I fish Selfridge as much as possible.... Where were you gettin' em all.... Depth and Direction from the launch if you don't mind....
I was in about 6 feet of water and almost straight out form the lanch but a little more to the left. Not much though.
My son and I were out at Selfriddge on tuesday, 2/11 and fished from about 4:30pm till near dark. We saw nearly 100 perch and not one bite. We were using wigglers and minnows. Plenty of lookers though. As we headed in, got offered by on e of the other guys who drove out there (THANK YOU again who ever you are) and he commented that he was throwing anything under 10" back and still had enough for several meals. Using red tear drops with spikes and mousies.

We'll be out there again saturday morning, wind providing. (With over 300# int he shanty, we still got airborn a couple of times, not ot mention sliding over your hole is not the best
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Thanks for the report. Looks like the VFW Friday night for the fish fry. Too cold to sit out there for me.
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Yeah it was windy as heck when I was out there. What we did to combat that was drill a couple of extra holes nd we packed the slush around the shanty. Once it froze we wee in excellent shape. I was using a pink and glow tear drop and a orange and reen and they were both working well
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thanks perchpuller
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