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Selling Old Boat

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Anybody sell their boat on the internet.Know of any place to sell a bass boat.Local newspaper is one place.Also how would you determine a selling price.Do you loose so much per year.I talked to a few dealers & they just go by a book price.
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You can get estimated Blue Book values for most boats from Boat US.
you can try and sell it on they do have a boat section.

Did you list your boat on the boats and supplies for sale section of this web sight??

buy sell swap section.
See less See more is another good source for "blue book" values. You can try the Bass Fishing Home Page to list your boat, but beware it is known for a lowball place because of the amount of "pro's" selling their personal boats and ones that they have won as prizes.

You really should list it on the swap and sell on this site, you will be targeting the area around St Clair so you wont have to deliver it too far.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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