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semi pro tournament

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does anybody know the winners and weights of that tournament? how many boats did they have? they dont have anything posted on nbaa yet.
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yeah, my boy/ partner (steve esinmenger (bigpappa55555)) won that tourny. had 21.95 lbs..... thats how we do things!!!!!

i dont have all the details but i know second was 18 lbs. he smoked em' that day. WTG STEVE E!!!!
There were only 19 boats there, kind of small, but it was a good time. Like Rip said, winners had 21lbs and some change, I think 2nd place had 18lbs and then quite a few teams were in the 15lb range.
i dont think ive ever seen those two guys at a tournament brfore.funny how people come to this side of the state and knock them dead for 22lbs. id fish st clair more often if i did that. good job to them guys though.
Steve and I fish alot of tournaments on st. clair. he lives in warren and im in Mt. Clemens. were the local boys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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