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Silent choice solenoids??

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Does anyone know of a better alternative then Gil/Corsa direct to replace my silent choice solenoids, also read somewhere that silent choice may be illegal in Michigan. Any truth to that.

Thanks for any info
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I sure hope that the Silent Chioce exhaust isn't illegal in Michigan. I have it on mine.
While researching the solenoids I ran across a post on that said
they were, maybe the guy that made the comment didn't know what he was talking about.
Maybe he does, Hope not, I have it too. the post was on 8/9/02, I'll try to find out more info on the subject.
I have heard that it is technically illegal. An officer can have you shut it off to test your db reading. But has anybody ever been tested and ticketed out there?
Not sure if this will answer your question or not but, Eddie Marine sells electronic switchable mufflers that look real cool. If I ever decide I need to quiet down a bit, I will look into something like that. There about $695.00 per pair. Which is a hell of a lot cheaper than the Silent Choice.
Thanks convincor253, but I already have a Gil Silent choice system, which I think has only been on the quiet mode twice. The solenoids that open the system to the thru hull went bad, so just looking for the solenoids, Gil direct has them for $80 each, seems a little steep, but thats boating. As for the law, A Sargent from the DNR said Silent choice is basically illegal in Mich.
BUT two factors can make them acceptable.
1. Must have cold water drawn and run through the exhaust
2. not exceed state decibel standards
Hope that answers some questions, I appreciate all response, I have more details, but wanted to spare everyone from an excessive reply, I know
Yah, kinda thought after I posted, that's what you were talking about. Oh well. That price sounds right. Only because I have heard other fella's talking about it.

I'll probably start a thread about loud exaust.
Might be a good topic?
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