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I've been at this site for 3 years registered, several more just reading. The knowledgable people will answer any question with more than enough details for us to catch fish. The problem is that conditions are constantly changing. People ask where are the fish, what are they hitting, etc. When you go to the lake, you can't expect everything to be exactly the same as when the tips were posted. You have to take what was said and use that as a base as to where to start. Even if you were right next to the person when he posted, everything can change within minutes. New people come and get a tip and expect to go get a cooler full of fish. When they don't, they blame the fishing report. If we were talking about a pond, things would be more exact. But, this lake is vast, and everything is in motion. Take the information given, which will be as exact as can be, and use it as a starting point. From there you may still have to try different things to see whats working at that particular time.
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Thanks Moderators for moving this from the Cruising forum.
i totally agree why i dont care about giving reports by the time i post my report its old news
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