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Slow Day

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One small Muskie 37 inches in the boat for one of my clients from Florida. A few hits plus one very big Pike lost at the boat. The Pike was much bigger than the Muskie. Both fish hit a blood Red Bill Lewis Rattle Trap. Musie 3/4 ounce and the Pike a 1 ounce trap. Had a coupple of very good hits and one big fish follow. Maybe tomorrow will be better plus I have them for Friday also. Let it Go Let it Grow. Bob


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Bob, It may have been small, but it looks like a healthy specimen! Most of the Muskies I've see in the lake or posted on this site are marked-up. Good luck tomorrow.
Yes it is a very healthy fish. The one we landed today was not. Bob
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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