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Small Business Loans

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Does anyone on here do them or can anyone point me to the right person about this before I go walking into a local bank branch???
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I used to do them. Probably the best place to go would be Central Macomb Community Credit Union. They were able to get some good deals compared to most of the banks out there.
There are some great terms on SBA loans right now. A lot of the fees are being waived under a federal proram. Find a bank and person that specializes in them. You can get them with 10% down. Oakland County has a department that helps people with SBA loans.
I have 2 contacts for you pm me or call me i'll send you there contact info tommarrow

ones with national city other huntington
I was just talking with her about the sba to they have money to loan
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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