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We hit crocker about 4:30 and headed toward the south end of the lake, near the mouth of the DR. The lake was great! Working weed beds in 5 - 8 FOW I threw buckies my buddy was working top water. After a couple of hours he boated 1 largemouth & I had 1 follow.
Since nothin was biting shallow I ran us out to the deep edge of the weeds, 10 - 1 FOW. By this point the waves were about 2 footers and we were drifting at just over 1 mph, after a while it was like being on a big seesaw!
I started throwin shad raps while my buddy was tossing big lipless cranks (perch). It didn't take long until he had a smallie on, nothing big (about a pound) but hey a fish. a couple minutes later he got another one. So I threw on a firetiger bucher lipless crank and it didn't take long to get my first. All in all we boated about 15 smallies, 1 -2 pounders.
The funny part is we were using our musky gear! He had a heavy action rod with 65# braid. I had a XH rod with 100# braid!
We left a little after sunset and the waves were huge! 3 foot +. The ride back sucked. We were getting airborne @ 7mph! It took us about 45 min to an hour to get back to crocker. I'm glad we brought rain gear!

Rough day but all in all lots of fun & worth it.

Sorry no pics. I forgot my camera on the kitchen table.
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