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Mini, it sounds like you know your stuff. when you talk about a tube rod do you prefer a stiff action? I am looking for a rod with backbone but just a bit of "soft" in the tip. Often I find when working a lighter jig 1/8, 1/16, i want a bit of give so I can maneuver the jig through weeds. I like to work the jig with my hands and not the reel. It seems that soft ness allows the jig to move just a smidge more to allow a better take by the fish. Do you have any rod suggestions? I also note you used an xps jerkbait, is that like a husky jerk? Does xps make a "countdown" type bait like rapala. Countdowns are a killer here in the spring ( Ludington) off the breakwall for big eyes, 10 - 14 pounds. I'd love to find another countdown with a slightly different action than rapala. Have you tried cabela's rip cord? How does it compare to the braided you recommend? I often run into big great lakes run pike in the pere marquette lake about now. I put on a heavier fluro ( 30 - 40 #) to minimize bite offs. With a loop knot or big snap I don't know that I sacrifice that much action. You might have gotten a look at that A buoy lady with a heavier leader. i don't fish nearly as much as you do and am certain you have forgotten more than I know. Just thought I'd throw out some ides. Let me know about the rod choices. Also where I might get my hands on a Cardinal 3 or 4 ( swedish made) . Has anyone ever written a good fishing guide to Lake St. Clair? My wifes folks have a cottage on the sni and I love this lake more than any I've ever fished! Joe
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