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Smallies this time of the year

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Going out on Sunday for smallies just wondering where I should try for them. I typically try the mile roads and would assume they would be in deeper water now. Any suggestions on where and depth I should try would be great.

Bass Ninja
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I used to fish tournaments and on opening day you good catch them as shallow as 4 feet or as deep as 18 feet in the main lake. I am assuming you'll find them anywhere in between too. Good luck. I think some might get a little more tight lipped as the tournament season starts tomorrow.
With the water warming into the mid sixties and up I'd bet deeper water might be better. Lately all I've caught are small males, the females may be on the move and the males should follow shortly.
Next time out I plan to start in about 12FOW and look for weeds. Fishing the edges of the weeds should help find the females.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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