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Top of the morning, to you, Merlin!

Absolutely stunning pictures.
Looking at them makes it hard to believe we are at war and there are angry people in the world. Like it's time to step back and smell the roses....and they smell gooood, especially when I look at pics like these.

My favorite is number 5. Where was it taken? I do believe I could reside there....w/no worries

Glad to have you back....thanks for sharing your experience with us.

oh, and by the way, who is number 18?
Did Merlin get a little lonely? Or did a partner in crime steal the camera?

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Awesome pic's!

Lookin' good there buddy!

Must be hard to come back to reality . . .

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Absolutely amazing John

Attempting to dock a boat like that must be a hell of an undertaking!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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