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Something to do until the water gets soft

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Click here....

Got this from another board and it is way fun.

Click once to launch the penguin, click again to swing the bat.

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best distance.. 587.6 so far
574.9 You definitely need to hit a line drive for distance...
593.5 Couldn't get over 600 though. Amusing.
589 I think is my best...

It is fun whacking them

After 498 swings, i figured out you have to let go of the mouse to hit it. LOL

Good one Mini. enjoyable.

h2o<---------says it's all part of CABIN FEVER......
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the highest I can get is 593.5.
593.5 here as well. Thanks Mini this is way better than working.
Awesome! This just became an instant "hit" around the office.
Can't stop playing the game now because I can only get 586. Trying to get 593.5 like the other guys.

Addictive game
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Careful folks....your'e supposed to be working!

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love the game... took me about 45 minutes to hit 593.5, but i finally did it. thanks for the hours of fun. now i will see how low of a score i can get (except zero of course). i'm tring to get lower than 181.6, i think i had a score in the 150's, but i'm not sure. thanks again.
Okay Mini, I think I'm done smackin my penquin. The ice up here in Canada must be a little faster than that stuff in Hockey Town. I found I really sucked and could only get 515 at the best, that was hitting it like a baseball. Then I figured lets try like a slapshot and that worked much better and actually had to get my wife in from the other room to verify the distance - 3025.5. I showed her how to play - 251.5 (about my baseball style average). Then I did it again and it was still going when she left the room - 6141.6. Then she sent my neighbour in who is over drinking wine and watching a movie and I showed her, and she left the room because it was still skipping across the ice - this time 6834.1 . If you can get him to hit the ice on his chin like a Montreal Canadien forward he seems to go forever.
MIst be somethingin the water (or the intervet) on that side of the pond....I cant get it go anywhere those distances.....but you know what? I am gonna just keep on

You can right click on the game to zoom in on it also you can move the screen by draging on the screen.

h2o<--------------high 5's
6834.1???......YEOOW!!...I think the Canadian version is measuring distance in litres!!!..

This frikkin' game is addicting!!! LOL

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High score: 587.6
Low score: 149.8
Thanks Mini
No there are three variations of the game on the site. One of them will let you knock the penguin a mile ( I managed 11,202). The other version it is hard to hit over 200. You just need to change the extension at the end of the link to rocket-up-the-arse.html to get to the one he was mentioning.
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