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This was pinned in the LSCN Boathouse Board (Gen. Discussion). I just wanted to let all the fisherpeople know about it too....


7:00 Gino's Surf SOSCL annual meeting
10:00 Ernie's Kings Mill to Party

OK, here's the scoop on the SOSCL, I met with Chuck Brockman the President of SOSCL a non-profit organization. SOSCL is estimating 1.5 million dollars to restore the south channel lights, currently the account has approximately 150K, To date we invested 70K in the seawall and saved the first light. Grants and State funding are being pursued, but donations and membership are the main drivers behind the organization.

Our annual meeting will be held on March 22nd at Gino's Surf, Chuck has personally asked me to run for the board of directors. I'm asking for all interested LSCNet members to visit Gino's and show your support. There will be complimentary appetizers and drinks will be available. We need some young blood pumped into this organization to get it rolling again.

Read about Gino's here

The plan is to start with the Annual meeting at Gino's Surf at 7:00, a 50/50 will be held and free appetizers compliments of the new owners Frank Nazzar Jr. THE BAR WILL BE OPEN! Following the meeting party like crazy at Ernie's Kings Mill at around 10:00.

Please consider a $15 membership, it's for good cause. When the lights are restored, the gems of Lake St. Clair will come back to life. Imagine being the light keeper for the weekend......

Capt'n Rob
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