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Hello all. I know times are tough for some, but just wanted to put this message out to all my fellow members. I know most of you know about this organization for preserving the lights on Lake St. Clair. I am happy to say that I am a member of this group, but am sad to say that any results in preservation funds from our government are far off in the distance. So, it is up to us. I for one want to see these pieces of history in place for the rest of my boating years. And hope you all would too.

Here is an idea I want to throw out to you.

There are currently 1167 members on this board. If each member donated the minimum amount to SOSCL. That would total: $17,505.00

If every member joined themselfs and also got at least one family member or friend to join: That would total: $35,010.00

If you joined and got 2 friend/family member to join: Total $52,515.00

I think you get my point. Well, those are some impressive numbers if you ask me. And nobody, I mean nobody out there can tell me that those are impossible numbers.

Why donate you ask?

For Non-Boaters: If you live in Michigan, you know the importants of our Great Lakes. You understand the history behind our light houses, and how they served our shipping industry and recreational boaters in the past. And for some lights houses still in working order, the very future.

For Current Boaters: If you have ever been out on Lake St. Clair a little bit after dark on a warm summer night? Or if your like me, and your out there quite a bit at night? Even on a clear night you use lights and land marks to guide your way. Well, these two south channel lights represent all the land and light marks that you use to get you home safe. I'm sure that we could get by without them around, but why?
As boaters who enjoy every light to guide the way to all the fun we have, we need to help out and do something about our crumbling history.

Thank You.

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Don't forget the family and friends!

This morning i sent out 12 emails to my closest that I know. I would be thrilled if half that amount would sign up!? It only took less than 10 minutes of my time.

Hey, while I am typing this, my mom and my aunt just emailed me telling me they were going to sign up! Rock and roll Mom!!!!!!!
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