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The report for South Lake St. Clair is as follows:

Metro Beach is fair with mostly small perch being caught in the basin area. Anglers are catching larger perch on the lake in front of the jet ski ramp but also fewer fish. I have seen only a few catches of over five fish, but they were 40, 48, 23, 20, and 13 in quantity.

Ginos' Surf is similar to Harrison Township since anglers are going to mostly the same spot about a mile off shore. Catches are very irregular but the fish are big when they bite

The Harrison Township sight ius producing large but few perch. An occasional walleye is also being caught at this site. Most anglers are going out at least a mile from this site to fish. Bring your walking boots

The 11 mile site in St. Clair Shores is producing small catches of small fish for the most part.

The 10 Mile site at Blossom Heath is producing some large perch but the catch has been very irregular.

Ice conditions are OK as long as anglers stay away from the pressure cracks. This could change in a relatively short time with warmer temperatures and off-shore winds
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