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South Shore Bar

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Talked to the folks representing the South Shore Bar/restaurant at the Cobo Boat show. They had a booth there in case nobody caught that?
Sounds like a cool place to be. Anybody been there before?
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Didn't see them at the boat show. Where's the bar located?
I've never even heard about it. Fill us all in.
N 42' 12.589
W083' 08.621

The address says Wyandotte. Pretty much just south of Downtown Detroit. North of Grosse Ile.
Unfortunatly, No. This day in age? I know what your thinking.
Is it a big party spot? (i.e. Tin Fish, or Jacks?)
They had some photo's and such at the Boat show. It looked comprible to Jack's/Tin Fish. Were (meaning, you and me, Jabber) definatly going to make it there sometime.

She said they have 12 guest wells. I guess thats pretty decent compared to other bars on the lake.
That's a good haul from metro or the clinton just to eat. Along the way your going to pass quite a few good places too. I wonder if they get the whole Erie/downriver boater crowd there?

Sounds like a plan! I will be there. Billy, I still want to get a driveshower for the bpoat and one of those trim unit pressure caps that we were talking about last year. Are you still up for getting one of those caps?
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Rerun: ain't that far!

Jabber: Already ordered my pressure cap, sorry.
I just ordered my driveshower this morning and I am gonna order my cap today. Are we still gonna get together Convincor to add my dual batteries?
Let's Rock! What's your plan? Bring it over here, or do it at Beacon? Let me know when you intsall you DS? I have a van full of tools. Just got a new drill bit set for X-Mas too. You'll need it for that shower.

COOL! I will have the DS by Saturday, but I won't get the boat out till late April, May 1st. I could swing it by your house if you want and we can do all the stuff. I meed to go to that marine guy you talk about. To get my big battery trays and to get some battery cable for the duals. I want to put one battery on each side of the boat. To level it out. What is the name of that used boat stuff guy you go to and where is he located?
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It is behind Wyandotte Hospital which is by the North end of Grosse Ile..
There is another bar on the water about a half mile from South Shore called I think the Portside they also have guest wells. Not sure of the atmosphere.
The Portside in is more of a nice restuarant. There is the Pier 500 just passed this new bar, but I drove by there a month ago and the wells suck and there are only a few.
So, Pier 500 wells suck? That was a question.
I saw the booth for this bar. It seems fun, I will take the trip however it is a long ride back when you had a few to many. Probably will just stay the night if it is any good. I heard the coast guard can get a little tough coming up the river? Any suggestions?
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