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Hello there this is Cory with this weeks fishing report on Lower Lake St. Clair.
Early in the week fishing was slow, but now walleye are really going. From Metro Beach to Gino's Surf. They are fishing in 7-10 feet of water with crawler harnesses varying in color from white, chartruese, and gold. Other color will work as long as you are at the correct depths and trolling just faster than idle speed. Trolling is the ideal technique but some have been caught when drifting. Walleye totals for the week are around 50-60 out of 100 boats. So the fishing here is starting to pick up.

Other hot spots include Memorial Park down to 11 mile. Here boats are trolling with crawler harnesses and crank baits. Again just faster than idle speed. Color or type is not preferenced.

From 11 mile to 9 mile no real action is occuring.

Hopefully everyone gets some fish! Thank you and Good luck! Cory
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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