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Hello this is Cory again with this weeks fishing report.
Walleye are being picked up on crawler harnesses (blue, white, chartruese, and neon green) off of Metro Beach and the 400 club. Boats are trolling and drifting. Trolling is working better in 7-10 feet and drifting is better in 5-9 feet of water. Many limits have come in. Also at the Dumping grounds before the Mouth of the Detroit River walleye are being taken trolling with crankbaits and crawler harnesses. Color is not an issue so any have been working.
Yellow Perch are being picked up off of Metro Beach and Gino's Surf in about 10 feet of water drifting with neon green and chartruese crawler harnesses. Also at the Mile Roads from 13 down to 8 mile boats have drifted with crawler harnesses and picked up a dozen or so.
Smallmouth bass are being picked up along the wall north of the Coast Guard station at Blossom Heath. Baits have been various crankbaits. Mainly shallow runners. Smallies are also being picked up between 11 mile and 13 mile off of the weed beds and shallows (4feet of water). Baits are various here to so mainly preference.
Muskie are being caught randomly. Further reports are given by the other Creel Clerks from around the Lake and Rivers.
Thanks you very much and good luck on the lake. Bring them in! Cory
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