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Bought a bunch of sampo swievels so I could cast a spinner for musky recently. Bought a nice Musky bucktail this morning and went casting in anchor bay this afternoon. I thought this would cure the line twist problem, but line is still twisting, this sucks
. I stopped using spinners way back when for pike because of this. I know that the bucktail is one of the best baits for musky casting in the bay. So I would like to keep casting them. .....................SO WHAT IS THE SECERET ????????
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Ball berring swivels. If you're using leaders maks sure they have BB swivels.
Make sure the Ball Bearing Swivel is the right size for the buck tail your using. If it is to small or to big it might not work right.
If line twist is that much of a problem, you might want to try a barrel swivel a foot or to up from the bait and a snap swivel to secure the bait to the line.
Make sure it's a ball bearing swivel, and not a barrel swivel. Barrel swivels don't cut it.
Stop closing your bail with the reel handle. Everytime you do that you ad a twist.

Also make sure your line is on correctly to begin with.

THEN make sure you have a quality BALL BEARING sswivel of the right size for the application.

Of course this is assuming you are using a spinning reel.....
QUOTE(esoxfly @ Jul 6 2009, 01:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Make sure it's a ball bearing swivel, and not a barrel swivel. Barrel swivels don't cut it.

I'm sure you know what I meant. Use 2 swivels if neccessary. One with a snap and one without, a few feet apart..
Had the same problem trolling with tails.

I'm now running 2 Sampo BB swivels, one at the bait and one at the leader to mainline connection and I don't have this issue anymore.
Oh by the way I use 150 pound swivels.
Yeah. I know you don't need me to say this again but Bearing swivel
I am using a 100lb sampo swievel. I was under the assumption there the best swievels. Ive tried others years ago and they didnt work. I have some of the black 20" muskie leaders that have a swievel on them that I bought from a muskie only tackle place outta wisconsin a couple years back will try them next week.
I've used sampo bb swivels for casting and trolling for more than thirty years and have not had any problems with line twist. For musky fishing I use 150# or 200# depending on the size of the bait and the amount of lead if I'm trolling. If trolling, due what Muskie Addict said and use one at both ends of your leader. Take a close look at that swivel, it may be crapped up with cottonwood fuzz or something else, causing it not to work properly. If that doesn't work, throw it out and try a new one!
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest a ball bearing type swivel, or two. LMFAO
There are also swivel chains, which I have one in front of my leader along with 2 ball bearing swivels.

Not only will they prevent line twist from spinners, but enable a twisted line to untwist. Great for spinning reels!
I had the same issue with mono ...especially trolling, until I switched to braid (power pro or fireline crystal..but some people dont like Crystal)
Now I tie on a spinner with no fear that my line is going to be trashed. Line twist is the number one reason I wont switch back to mono. I use various braids with flouro leaders on almost every rod.
I know this is a tangent, but do you lose a lot more fish from the hooks pulling out using braid, bassnbrian?

I love the feel and control of braid, which I'm sure gets me way more strikes, but have also been losing an insane amount of fish from tearing the hooks out since switching to braid. Backing the drag way down improves the percentages, but still a lot of 'em are lost. The fish just come unhooked on the head shakes.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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