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Spring Pike Fishing

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I know this topic has been discussed in past years but I can't seem to find anything in a search.

I know the pike fishing gets good around the shallows of the channels in april. Is there a certain water temp I need to wait for or do the days need to warm up a bit. I have had some good luck around the sni & north channel area. Any areas close to the sni that I am missing where I could have some good luck. Should I stick to the deeper channel areas or should I focus on the shallow bays around that area? Pike are the only thing that gives me my bass fix until the season opens.

What's the magic bait????
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The whole shoreline around the lake will explode with Pike in the next few weeks. Try dead bait as long as you plan to kil the fish. I like very small silver and blue Cleo's at this time of year on light tackle. 6 pound etc. All the river and creek mouths will be o hunting areas now. Bob.
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Try bays on the north end of the lake first. Look for darker bottom, NOT sand. The radiant heat from the sun warms that water fast. Sunny days are important, and the best fishing is after 2 O'clock. Try a channel edge, like the ones used for marinas, they hold fish if it's cloudy. They'll hang there waiting for the water to warm up. It's nothing to have a twenty degree surface temp change in a shallow dark canal, or bay. I've had plenty of 100 fish days in the spring using suspending jerk baits.When you get a follow, leave the bait under the water . Keep it still for about 10 seconds, then give it a little twitch. This technique is deadly. Hope this helps.
No, everything in the early spring is at it's biggest size, Perch and other prey are fat before the spawn. All my baits are in the 5-6 inch range.
Middle and North channel cuts are really good. My fav is perch pattern Hot-N-Tot cranked slow... or double willow spinner. I bend the tip blade to make it appear crippled. Just know that in the cold water they will not chase for long distances and that slow presentations are best... until the water hit mid 50's.
I'm thinking of going out Monday because it's supposed to be 73 degrees. I usually rent a boat on the north channel. I hear the channel water temps are still in the 30's to maybe 40.

Am I wasting my time going for some pike tomorrow? Are the bays & cuts gonna be too cold still to get the Pike to bite or do I have a chance for those bays to be warm enough to catch a few pike? Do I need those water temps to get warmer before i have a chance to catch some fish?

Looking for a little help,
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