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st. clair river

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I was up in port huron on the 25th. by the blue water bridge. tried alot of different body baits. fished from 6am-3pm. had one on that poped off don't know what it was, but i landed a 33 inch coho. hit on a gold holographic body bait. that was it for the day but it was nice up there.
no boat i fish from the wall. hopefully going up this sunday again also, I'll probably get there erlier, and hope to hook more on.
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I have heard that the river gets stacked with fish at times. I went to Pine Grove Park up there this past spring, but got skunked. I didn't have any rod holders I also didn't have heavy enough equipment. I recently got a couple good sturdy Musky poles so I'll try them. Any suggestions on where to get the rod holders?
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