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ST. Clair Shivers - This Sat

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Sorry last weeks weather forced the cancelation of our 1st event.

The Lake St. Clair Shivers will begin in October 11 .
Every Sat. ( weather permitting) till the snow flys.
We will be meeting at Harley Ensign.
Check-in 6:45 AM
Time : Safe light till ? ( anglers will make this call)
Team event----- 5 fish limit

Entry fee $ 40.00
NBAA rules apply

ALL are welcome. Pass the word.

Hope you can join us for some great fall fishing
and have a great time with some of the freindliest anglers.

Any question contact
Paul Sacks........248-819-3192
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OzoneMaker and I will be there. Looking forward to one more nice weekend. (hopefully)



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This Sat is a go.
The weather should be great.

I have received messages from many anglers who plan on fishing.
We should have a good turn-out.

Please check -in aorund 6:45 AM
Blast off - just after safe light.

Wishing all best luck.....Hope you can make it.

PS; My partner had an accident Thurs night.
I am looking for a partner.
Call if interested......248-819-3192

Paul Sacks
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The St. Clair Shiver was held this last Sat . and will be on again
this next Sat.

Congradulations to Dave Misaras /Decker for their 1st place win.
Their 5 fish weighted in at 16.43 Lbs. with a B.F. of 3.93

2nd place was the team of Shreve / Oliver with 15.37 lb and
the BIG FISH of the tournament of a 4.58 Lunker.

3rd Place was the team of Corbett and Nolan with 12.10 Lbs.

We all enjoyed that last great day of summer weather.

Come out and join us.
Dress warm for this next one... it will be a shiver!!!!

Paul Sacks
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Hey Paul,

I haven't had anyone mess my last name up that bad in a long time. Wow! LOL

That's OK though. I think I'm going to try to give you another chance to get it right next week.



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Paul, Vangordon and I plan on being a part of the field this weekend also, gwet the coffee ready.

Ken Miller
gwet?, whats up with that? (get the coffee ready) is that better ?

We had 8 boats last Sat.
Go Figure.

This week I expect about 15 boats.

It's not the quanity but the quality of the

Hope you can join the group.

Paul S.
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Just checked the weather for Sat. and it looks like the winds are not going to be favorable. S.W. at 20-25 by noon. Hold on to your hats!! With the cold temps. and winds, I plan on wearing my snowmobile suit and helmet, and winter gloves. BRRRRRRR!!!


By the way, Vangordon is fishing with someone else, too bad for him.
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What were the results on Saturday? I was thinking about going but the gale force winds at my house made me go back to bed.
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