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St. Jean Boat Ramp

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Just to let everyone know we are still working on updating things at the St. Jean Boat Ramp. We currently have two additional docks that have been repaired and redecked with cleats added. We hope that these will help to reduce the wait during peak hours. Thank you for all of you cooperation. We will keep posting updates as they come.

Harbor Hill Marina
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Welcome to the site Harbor Hill Marina, we're sure you'll like it.
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Welcome to the site Harbor Hill. Maybe you could tell us all a little bit about the marina. For those people that might not know.
Welcome! Thanks for the update! Info would be good!

Rerun... Is this the first in its kind to join on the board?

Excellent if so!
Welcome Harbor Hill Marina!

Gary, I think this is the first .arina...
Well for anyone that doesn't know, the marina is located on the Detroit River across from Belle Isle. We are a full service marina with 375 wells. There is electrical, water and cable at all the well. We have a pool, jacuzzi and tennis courts. Our fuel dock is full service with unleaded and diesel, pump-out and convenience store. We also offer inside heated storage, outside storage and year round rack storage. Hope that sums it up and if you have any other questions just let us know.

Can I powerload at your boat ramp?
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Are you on the US or Canada side? Sounds like a great place. Do you have a website? Do you have slips left and if so what are your slip rates?
For some reason, I still really don't know the true defination of Powerloading. I thought it was driving your boat onto the trailer and outta the water right up the ramp....But then I thought it meant something else. Please fill me in I will be able to understand the jokes about it in the future
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Here rerun.........


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Look above Detroit on the map and it says Bewick St.!!!!
It's my last name
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harbor hill,

how do your rates compare to kean's (next door neighbor).

i'm thinking of moving my boat this season and looking for another marina with a pool/jacuzz

We do have slips available for this summer and are priced as following...
30' Well - $2015
45' Well (Boats 35' and Under) - $2465
45' Well (Boats 36' and Over) - $2610
60' Well - $3500
Seawall Space (Boat under 25') - $1000
Our Rack storage depends on if you want yearly or seasonal and our winter storage last year started at $2.20 Sq. Ft. Including a bottom wash for power boats and $2.35 Sq. Ft. for sailboats including the bottom wash.

Unfortunately we do not have a website yet but have been working on one.

As for comparing to Kean's I believe we are roughly the same if not a little bit less.
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