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Anyone out there hear anything about the steelies running up north, manistee, petosky??? Tippy Dam and the Bear river are my normal haunts, but unfortunately you have to hit those places just right or you'll get skunked, and still have to pay for the gas for the 3.5 hr drive!! I'd even be glad to try something closer to home but Yates I've only lost hooks, and I don't have the gear for Port Huron. Any pointers or suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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I was fishing out of Marine City on Saturday and caught 4 Chinook. The report up that
way was that the St. Clair River is full of King, Steelie and Brownies. I fished just south of
the Edison plant. I personally didn't hook into any, but a coulpe of other guys did.

Do you need heavy gear to combat the current up there? What were you using? Spoons? Spawn? I have some big sinkers but I really don't have a pole sturdy enough to cast a 1 lb. sinker!
We were using downriggers 10 feet down in 18-20 feet of water. Rapalas and
Bommers were working for us. There were actually guys jigging with Sweedish
Pimples and others jigging with Rapalas and a three way swivel. Not exactly sure
what size weights they were using, but they looked pretty heavy. There were people
fishing from shore too and having some luck. Nobody wadding though, if that's what
you were getting at. They looked to be throwing Cleo's. I hope this helps you find
some fish.
I would like to know about Tippy as well. Have not fished the dam in a couple of years now, actually back when they used to raise/lower the water much more than what they do today. I may make it up the weekend of the April 26, but probably will only be able to drive down and see how people are doing at the dam.

We used to fish Tippy all winter long. Kept a 12' boat above the coffer dam through the winter months. Great time, and the fishing was really pretty good without the spring pressure.

Hope to make it up in the next couple weeks.

Thanks for the report, I was talking more about fishing from shore. Do you have your boat in the water, or were you on a charter?


It seems that I usually get information a week to late for up at tippy! I unfortunately don't know anyone who lives up there. I do keep a watch on the DNR web site, which worked last fall for the salmon run up in petosky, but nothing yet this year. If the steelhead run is even half as good as the salmon run was look out!
I was out on a buddy's boat.

I have a buddy who has a place up in Welston that fishes every other
weekend or so. He says it's been hit or miss up there lately. Unfortunately,
he's out of town right now, otherwise, I'd have more info for you.
I hope to make it up to Mesick the weekend of the 26, but probably won't have time to fish at Tippy. If anything, I hope to stop by the dam and see how things are going.
We were going to to try and make it up to our cottage in Port Sanilac and get out salmon fishing this weekend. We usually do really well Easter weekend however as of last Sunday the lake was still frozen as far as the eye could see. We need more warm weater pronto!!
I'm heading up that way for Easter weekend. I will be checking out Pere Marquette and Big Manistee. I'll post what I find out early next week.
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