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STEVE's BAR is now featuring . . .

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They just dropped off the new hot tub . . . I'm standing here looking at it & reading the instructions, as a first time tub owner should, right?

220V hookup it says . . . hmmmmmm . . . any electricians out there?


Also, need to learn how to maintain this thing. PLEASE ADVISE!!
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220 221 whatever it takes
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Try to keep pubes out of the filter.

When's the party?
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Well hotdamndiggetydoggety Steve
We'll be over for a dip REAL SOON!!!

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Oh boy...looks like a new addition!

Aaron and Manana both know alot about hot tubs.

Good luck...enjoy...and please, keep it clean!
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Boiled peeps, for a second I thought you were tossing some of those sugery Easter bunny things in the hot tub.
Just make your own bubbles.

Note: the jets were NOT on yet at this point:

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For 220v you need TWO 110v circuits from your panel. If rating is 12 amps or higher, I would suggest 2 20-amp circuits. Otherwise, two 15-amp will be ok.

To insure safety and code compliance, you should really use an electrician, although the hookup is not complicated. Just 'float' the neutral (no connection), and hook up the two hot leads (one from each circuit) to the load. Hook up the ground and you are good to go. If you are within 50 feet of the panel, you can use 12 gauge wire, although 10 gauge would be better.

If the load is over 20 amps, definitely call an electrician.

Let me know if you have any questions! See ya in the Clem tonight (Fritt's??).

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BUT FIRST, can someone help me plug it in?

Thanks for the advice BT. It is CLOSE to the panel, but I've got to get the wiring TO it, first!
this is an amusing thread!!

nice a$$ bubbles!! hee hee
QUOTE(All Jacked Up @ Sep 19 2003, 12:40 PM)Boiled peeps, for a second I thought you were tossing some of those sugery Easter bunny things in the hot tub.
Sounded better than BOILED a$$ SOUP, I guess!
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I think you should hold a get Steve's hot tub hooked up party at Steve's bar. Charge a $5 or $10 donation from attendees. The donation will entitle them to a soak or two at a later time.

Running a 220 line is not normally that hard to do but since you are dealing with water and electricity I say hire a pro! Or at least find a volunteer (sucker) to be the first one in.
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I have some electrician tools (including a fishtape to pull wiring), and a whole lot of wiring and fittings left from the dock. So if you want to do without an electrician, let me know. Even if you do use a pro (recommended), I can still provide the supplies. Just save me a seat!!

O.K. great, you have the hot tub in. Hopefully you get it working asap, but more importantly when do the stripper poles go in.
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QUOTE(INSTIGATOR @ Sep 19 2003, 12:34 PM)Also, need to learn how to maintain this thing. PLEASE ADVISE!!

The only thing that I can tell you is "Do Not let any females wear clothes" The tiny fibers in all womens designer clothes will clog the filters and really create problems for you in the future. Fortunately you will not have the same problems with men's clothing! have fun and enjoy!!

See you in an hour or so at my dock, the Friday after boat show party is about to begin!!!
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Hey Look!!! I am not a newbie anymore!!!
QUOTE(Cocktails&Dreams @ Sep 19 2003, 01:08 PM)Hey Look!!! I am not a newbie anymore!!!

You have been on more times in the last two days than the ENTIRE time since you've joined I bet!!
steve buddy, me you and 10 chicks
now we need 10 chicks !
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Your instructions should specify the amp required to correctly run the spa. Per code, you would need to run your line to an outside GFI, then to the tub. Your wire gauge will be determined by the amp's in the specs.

14-gauge copper wire can be protected up to 15 amps.
12-gauge copper wire can be protected up to 20 amps.
10-gauge copper wire can be protected up to 30 amps
8-gauge copper wire can be protected up to 40 amps

For a maintenance, I would recommend the Nature2 kit. You can pick it up at the Pool and Spa store on Gratiot south of 22. It avoids the chemicals which have odors and are rough on the skin. There are other similar products, but I have not used them.

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