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Stoney Creek

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going to fish stonet creek later this evening wondering what lures to use for bass and walleye out there if anyone has any tips they would be grreatly appreciated
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Lure there that produces best for me, would be the legendary SENKO, this lure t-rig will always catch bass at that place, but for walleye's I'm still trying to figure it out also.
Powerbait 7" red shad worm carolina rigged. Kills them all over on those oakland county inland lakes. Drag it and drift it up and down the drop offs. Troll it if you can, skip it under docks, pitch it into heavy cover, etc.

Also, senko works well wacky rigged, but its not weedless. I have also had great success with watermelon colored worms.

White shad tubes are good as well.

Orion's and Mann's Baby 1 minus crankbaits in black/silver, blue/silver work good also.

P.S. I have never fished Stony, but almost all of the inland lakes are very similar and what works on one, I have found works on all of them.

QUOTEbut for walleye's I'm still trying to figure it out also.

Hot n Tots worked well on Cass lake, I've caught about 5 walleye on them casting into 5-6FOW and retrieving out over the drop offs into 20+FOW. Found this out through frustration. We were out on Cass fishing for smallies and couldnt get a hit to save our life. So I just threw on a silver hot n tot for sh!ts and giggles. My fishing partner laughed, for about 10 minutes, then I had a 18" walleye in the boat. Caught one more about an hour later. Havent tried trolling them not setup for trolling.
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for the walleye at stoney i slow troll a crawler harrness with a eletric motor the key depth is the 12 to 13 feet drop offs keep it at that depth youll be fine i caught noumerious walleyes at stoney this year already using this set up..also use a hot n tot two at the same depth... Ill be out there friday morning going for seems like all walleye are 19" to 20"ers there the past few years...
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