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As one of the many Michiganians down here Thanks for the well wishes. I just wish I read it sooner.
Today I drove the suck truck. A better analogy is I ordered a #7 ( Neves spelled backwards ). It's a a$$whoopin deluxe with cheese. LOL

They got a whole different class of smallmouth down here, I broke one off my boater thought was maybe 7. It felt like one of our drum from up there, but looked like a drum with brown and black bars on it !

A check for $850 for 50th is still well within range, gonna get them tomorrow, no excuses.

I know Ryan Lapine had my same weight and not sure about Emery yet. Brian Hensley and Renee fared well. I also believe Pipkens had a limit. Alot of Michigan anglers here. Somebody is bound to make our state proud.

Thanks again,

Nick N
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