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Anybody see that sun halo this morning?
Between 9am and 9:30, I could plainly see a rainbow, that didn't seem to meet the horizon at a perpendicular angle, like normal. It actually started curving back in, instead. I kept trying to figure out what that was about, and I then noticed the same thing on the other side of the sun. Due to the cloud cover, I couldn't make out the top of the rainbow real well, but I could tell that it was actually forming a halo around the sun.

I guess I may have witnessed this before, but never when the sun was so low.


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Nice pic

Maybe it's a sign from the lord.

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Too kewl, eh?

I've seen it before snowmobiling waaay up north and skiing out west.

Supposedly, since it's so cold with high humidity, the water vapor actually freezes while in the air, thereby causing the spectral refraction.

But you already knew that . . .
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