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Hit the mile roads (10 mile area-9-11 fow) this morning (8-10:30) with my 2 boys targeting smallies. Once again LSC didn't disappoint! Tubes in a crayfish color bounced along the bottom was the ticket. Landed 14 smallies-biggest 19"-average more like 14/15 and lost just as many including one SPECTACULAR fish. My son Matt (15 years old) hooked it and thought he lost it-but what it did was charge the boat. He realized what happened and when he tightened up the slack it came out of the water about 10 feet from the boat like a missile -tailwalking across the surface. It then dove and came straight up a good 2' out of the water and spit the tube in mid air. The fish was easily 5 lbs-maybe better. One of the more remarkable aerial displays I've seen from a smallie ever! What a memory!

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