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Sunnies yesterday

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Went out with my grandson yesterday. It was a beautiful day for sure. Went out in search of some perch. Could not find any at all. Did not see anyone else get any at all either. We started out early A.M. at Selfridge behind the barracks and along the rocks / broken concrete shoreline in 6 FOW. Went out deeper & deeper in the area 'til we got to 10-11 FOW. Water was cleaner out deeper but nothing. Took a ride to the Clinton River. Tried in the river by the Harley boat launch. Not a bite. No other boats in the river fishing. Lot of shore fishermen, but did not see any action going on.

From there we went to behind Strawberry Island where I know we are ALWAYS guaranteed to catch some bass and perch. Nothing going on there. (So much for guarantees). From there we went towards our boat launch at Selfridge, ready to call it a day about noon, frustrated and a bit sunburned already! Decided to give some of the local canals a try & see what we can catch in them. We did not get a bite in the canals. Tried 15 - 20 minutes in a few of the canals. They were still a bit dirty with about 8 " of visibility. Ready to go home, I told my grandson that I wanted to try this one more dead and canal where I used to fish a while back and caught many nice gills and sunnies. Got there. The water was only about 3 feet deep. We set up with a small hook about two feet under a bobber and we caught fish!! All sunnies and one very nice gill. We ended up with 13 sunnies and the one gill. Kept only one sunny that measured about 8" that swallowed the hook, and the remainder of them went between 9-10 inches. Threw a lot of small ones back, but kept enough for a nice fish dinner for today out of there. Had to leave at 2 O'clock because we had somewhere else to be after getting home just in time to shower and get ready to leave for that. We caught a lot of fish the last hour that we fished yesterday. Tried worms, plastics & minnows. Everything was caught on worms under the bobber. (y)
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I was out of the Selfridge ramp on the 15th. People were lined up along the wall and I seen quite a few being pulled. One guy pulled in a double of sunfish keepers and threw them in his bucket. Thanks for the report.
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