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I would like to recognize the Michigan TBF for winning the divisionals at fort madison IA. With this victory Michigan TBF has won back to back divisoinals granted not by the 150 lbs margin we had last year but Michigan beat Wisconsin by 4.5 lbs. The team was lead this year by overall tournament champion Jason Knapp and Tommy Robinson who finished the divisonal in third place overall. The other team members that helped win this divisional were Mark Modrak, Derrek Cummings, Mark Snyder, Dave Reault, Mike Penn, Eric Penn, Jeff Kellogg, Leo Ritter, Jeff Dyer, and Bill Cisler.
Jason Knapp and Tommy Robinson will both be moving on to fish for prizes that will eclipse 100,000.00 at TBF nationals next spring in Knoxville TN. good luck to both of them. To see the results and photos of this tournamnet check out
For anyoe that would like information on how to become a TBF member to help us three peat next year get a hold of me or one of the state team members for more information. The TBF has some great changes coming soon and everyone that tournament fishes should be involved.

Jeff Cox
[email protected] 734-429-2580
Michigan TBF President

Here are some pics


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QUOTE(jcox7 @ Sep 15 2009, 03:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Todd cant wait for you to get on board, Doug you should all ready be on board what is going on.
I am on-board. I just had to bow out this year due to two of my wife's cousins getting married. One of them on the weekend of the Burt/Mullet fish-off, and the other one last weekend during the Regional. They couldn't have planned their danged weddings on two worse dates for me if they tried
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