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TCQ did u hear what happened last night ?

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Matt..did you hear about the 2 possibly 3 vehicles that were involved in a serious crash on M29 just in front of Bobby Macs ?

We must have driven up only moments before the impact.....what a mess !
People were literally picking up pieces of one of the cars and I was afraid someone was trapped inside.

I didn't want to leave until paramedics showed up on scene. In retrospect...I should have checked on the peeps involved....but people were milling about quite casually. So we just waited a few moments for EMS and police to show.

It wasn't until the first police car was on scene until I heard someone say
"we need an ambulance bad" THAT was the first indication that someone was hurt. prior to that, as I said...peeps were milling about. no hysteria at the scene that I saw.

I had unclicked seat belt and was thinking I should go over there when a cop showed up.

I hope it's not bad news...but the monte carlo that was involved was severly damaged....

so just wondering if that driver survived ???

man..what a mess
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I was wondering also, I was pulling through there just as emergency vehicles arrived, I turned around in Bobby Mac's parking lot and took Palms Rd. home instead, looked like a mess though. Very scary when you think about it.
My neighbor asked my first thing this morning (5:30 am). He said there were lots of lights around 1:30 am. We can see that stretch of highway from our homes.

I have no idea what happened I knew it wasn't boating related. I'm still waiting for a rich uncle to leave me some money to buy a digital scanner.

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