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An 18-year-old student in New Zealand is in trouble after attempting to sell naked pictures of his mother on the Internet.
The student opened an online auction for "five naked photos of my Mum" after being told to clear the family garage and sell any unwanted items.
The website pulled the auction the next day, but the student, identified only as Michael, was soon back trying to sell a series of eight-year-old "glamour" shots of his mother.
His mother told a New Zealand newspaper she was "pretty annoyed" when she found out about the first set of photographs.
"He was quite naughty… I thought 'you cheeky little git'," she said.
But she was also annoyed that the second set of pictures were removed, because she had approved of those.
"I insisted Michael show me first, the little bugger. They are quite artistic. There is nothing dodgy about them."
A website spokesman said both auctions were withdrawn because of "inappropriate" photos.

Not sure if this is her or not, but it definately adds to the story...

Sorry it's so big, it's just a link to the original...

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Teen's TradeMe auction of nude mum pics faked by Michael Chal

IT sounded unbelievable: a teenager put raunchy photos of his mother up for auction online in revenge for making him clean out their garage.

And it was. The "teen" is actually 22-year-old student Michael Chal who pulled the stunt for a social media project to "get people chattering".

According to the New Zealand Herald, the woman in the pictures was a friend.

Mr Chal's real mum is former New Zealand MP Kelly Chal, who was ousted from Parliament because the former UK resident was not a citizen at the time.

She would not comment on the incident, saying that her son lives out of home.

Two of the photos sold for $NZ340 ($273) on TradeMe, after two other auctions were withdrawn due to inappropriate images.

One of the first to know the truth was an auction winner, who received an email confession from the student.

Auckland Media Design School leader Kate Humphries said she was "mortified" that Mr Chal had repeatedly lied to the media, adding that he was advised to tell websites it was a university project.

Now it is "99.9 per cent certain" he would fail the project.

Mr Chal is now looking to a career in advertising.

"Dishonesty in advertising?" he said.

"I think that might help."

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QUOTE(little guy @ Oct 14 2009, 07:23 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>nevermind, I can't say it. There was something in the photo that caught my eye...

Was it the necklace?
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