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Thank You All

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Thanks to all of the gang from LSCN for showing up to my Seminar Saturday. It was quite a turnout. The show wasn't really that great for me but you all made it worth the time. Again Thank You. Bob
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C'mon Unca Bob....tell everyone the latest gag!!!!
Gag? What gag? Did someone pick on Bob again? Man some peoples kids......

(snicker snicker)

I sure hope they catch those pranksters soon!!!
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Hey, I can finally get in on one of these ............. Now what's it worth to you guys???????
The more guys Bob "suspects",..or can atleast "consider as suspects" the better it is for the REEL culprits!! LOL
Glad to have you among the "suspects" Brad!!

"Jack made me did it!!!".....Unknown
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Hey Bob,
It was great finally meeting you. Great seminar as well. Looking forward to seeing you on the 22nd up at Gander Mountain in Utica. I just need to know what time do you start?


PS. I never knew that Perch was in the Muskie family.
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At Noon on the 22nd
Nice to have met you Bob. I bought a whole set of your books and so far am enjoying the read. C-Ya on the bay this spring. Hope I win the trip with you.
This whole thread makes me think of that old question, Why do fish look soooo much bigger in the water than they do on the wall?
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