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I just wanted to take a minute to thank both Tami and Druppydrawers for their kind offer to fish. You both seem to have brought me a little luck, as just hours before your offer of an open seat, I got a call to pick up a day or two of work. All three times!! Man, keep the calls coming, because I need to work! Seriously, thank you both very much for the offers, I realy would like to fish with you both.

Open Seat for Thursday Morning
I am renting a boat from Johny's and will be trying out a small motor my dad gave to me. I did a short waterhose test at home but haven't given it the lake test yet, just to warn you. Probbly will try a little of everything, a little trolling, perch, gills, bass. What ever I find from Metro to the Miles. All are welcome, but if your under 18yrs, I have to talk with your parents first. PM me or call 248.420.7633
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