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For those of you who might not know;
Since April 04 2009, I have been a Journeyman Welder in North Dakota,
welding aluminum pipe in electrical sub-stations for various power plants and several windmill farms.

I hope to arrive back in MICHIGAN safely,,, in the next few weeks.


This story has to be broken up into three parts to make sense,
since I told the first part of it to some of you a couple of weeks ago.

# 1, Preamble;
# 2, First part of the story;
# 3, Sequel;

~~ Preamble;
Normally on the weekends when I don't work,, I sleep in on saturday then later in the day i will drive 20 to 40 miles to the nearest town that has a grocery store and laundrymat and hardware store and shop for the whole next week.
In this case Luverne nd has a population of 31 humans. Sibley nd has 29 humans.
No shortage of bars,,, but no stores,,, so that leaves Valley City nd,,, about 30+miles away from where I am parked with my camper.

~~ First part of the story;
Two weeks ago I was driving back from my laundry and shopping and came upon two cars in front of me driving 40 mph in a 55 mph speed zone. Seeing that there were no oncoming cars I proceeded to pass both cars.
I did so respectfully and safely, not expecting what was about to happen.
The first car was a little old lady following too close to the car in front of her,, but I didn't think any thing of it.
As I passed the second car I glanced over to see the driver,,, who didn't appear to be a day over 12 years old.
As I passed him he gave me the worst, angry, hateful look, he flipped me his middle finger, and I could clearly
read his lips saying to me,,, "F#CK YOU A**HOLE"
Normally this would have resulted in a serious road rage incident,,,, but in this case I laughed my a$$ off and kept driving, due to his extreem youth. He was so young that it seemed funny at the time. I dismissed it and told some of you the story,,, laughing ,,, no big deal right. It was funny? Wasn't it?????

~~ Sequel;
This part of the story I'm going to give a title;
Title; The rotten apple fell from the tree.

Two nights ago as I stopped at the campground showers to take a shower, I got out of my truck and went to the back door to get my bath towel and toiletries.

As I did so, I noticed a young boy standing near a vehicle, and I noticed that he was making eye contact with me, and I noticed that he seemed to be giving me a real dirty look. As I went to enter the showers he never broke eye contact with me. I thought this was odd but I dismissed it and never gave it a second thought as I took my shower.
And I NEVER put 2 + 2 together either.

As I exited the shower he was still there, getting into the driver seat of the vehicle.
He was parked a couple spaces away from my truck.
As I got to my truck, I noticed that there was a little old lady in the passenger seat next to him,
and there was a teen aged girl in the back seat.
SUDDENLY, I put 2 + 2 together.
When I saw his face framed in the driver side window, with the hateful, angry look on his face,,,,
and when I saw GRANNY sitting in the seat next to him,,,, I realized that they "both" were the two people that I passed on the road two weeks ago.

Then I opened my mouth and started to speak,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
??? What the f#ck was I thinking.????

I said,,,, ( ??? ERONIOUSLY thinking that I could shame the boy in front of granny,,, I guess???)
I said,,,,,,,,,,,,,, QUOTE
" hey I remember you, I passed you on the road a week or so ago, and you flipped me the bird." END QUOTE.

He never broke his cold, hard, hateful, angry stare.
He never uttered a word.

GRANNY, leaned forward in her seat to see me, past him in the driver seat.
GRANNY looked me right in the eye with a cold, hard, hateful, angry glare in her eye,,,,,,,,,,,
and GRANNY said to me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in her quivering little granny voice,,,,,
quote, "F#CK OFF A**HOLE" end quote.

I froze.
I was speechless.
then suddenly,, my blood ran cold, my knees began to wobble, I was scared to death.
Texas chainsaw massacre, scared to death. My entire body was trembling.
When I looked into GRANNY'S eyes I saw EVIL
Like I looked into the eyes of the devil himself.
I can barely remember a time in my life that I was so consumed with fear.
I am trembling again as I type this ending part to this story.

I will never look at little old ladies the same again.

That BOY learned it ALL from GRANNY
I feel empathy for him.

Moral of the story;;;;;
Shut the f#ck up, Pete.

I f#cking hate North f#cking Dakota.

Looking back it seems almost surreal, almost like a "Saturday Night Live" skit.

Forehead Glasses Sky Vision care Temple

The end.



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Many years ago I worked on a construction crew near Miller SD, not too far from ND and saw some of the same things. You are out of town with nothing to do for miles and miles. The third Saturday of every month there was a dance at the Legion hall in Miller and every one of them ended in some of the worst bar fights I have ever seen. Of course it was those "out of towners" fault every time. I remember running out the back door of the hall and leaping into a buddies Impala SS hoping it would start right up. Thankfully it did. He put it all the way to the floor and nobody looked back for at least 10 miles.

I have had the opportunity to travel all over this country and there are some twisted places out there. Keep your head down and enjoy a safe homecoming. The things we have to do to make a buck.

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Bottom line: You need to come home.

Geez, what jerks! And from a little old "lady" no less!
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