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With a few of my

We went to one of my favorite crappie spots Sunday afternoon and these were the biggest (I think, I took the pic with my phone).

How many and what were the sizes of the bog ones guys?

How did they taste? (Silly question....I KNOW they were good!)


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We had a total of 15 Crappie. The smallest was about 9 inches and the biggest was just a hair under 14" (the one in Craig's left hand). We also had 21 blue gills.

For dinner we had the 4 biggest crappie along with 5 of the gills. Jill and Kathy put together an unbelievable feast. You really missed out man, you should have come over.

The remaining Crappie were divided evenly and the remaining gills will be brought up to Camp Neeley.

It was a perfect end to a perfect 3 day weekend on the pond.

Thanks Mini
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