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Chuck Brockman's article from last week's Macomb Daily;

Holiday waters very busy

By Chuck Brockman, Macomb Daily Boating Columnist May 29, 2003

Memorial Day weekend is the hustle and bustle of many who revel in the first long weekend of a coming summer boating season.

We must admit that we were content to keep the boat in her slip this past weekend and watch the parade go by.

The waterways were busy and many of the larger craft were not observing the no-wake rules in confined waterways. Sailboats and the smaller power boats that could truly get on plane left very little wake.

Lake and riverside homeowners have great difficulty launching their boats from lifts because of the rough water conditions, even on windless days.

Overtaking another vessel closely if your craft makes a large wake can be dangerous if you are too close, not giving the vessel you overtake time to change course and head into your wake. We have seen and experienced wild rolling in these conditions, with passengers thrown about.

Those who have larger vessels must observe, not only no-wake laws, but courtesy in the operation of their yachts to prevent possible injury.

Read the rest of the article, along with

Clinton River history

Freighter facts

and Snippets featuring one of our own!

by clicking HERE.
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