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well some one broke into my car satuday and stole my radar detector, and my subwoofer box, all in all abot 750.00 worth. damn this relly pisses me off. you work so hard for stuff and some jackass gota take it from you.. if i catch that sob-->
i belive the perfect judment for them would be like the ending of the movie casino..
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in late 1999, me and my ( at the time ) fiance bought a manufactured home aka trailer in a manufactuered home community aka trailer park. about 2 mos later and pretty late at night, i walked outside to get my can of kodiak out of my truck and noticed my light was on. first thing i thought was i left my interior light on but as i got closer i seen someone sitting in my truck. i ran up to them and grabbed the kid by the neck and hit him 3 or 4 times and drug him out of the truck and slammed him on the ground. then i noticed the kid was like 14 or 15 years old. i was 20 at the time. the kid was already screaming and crying and i felt bad so i picked him up and kinda dusted him off and asked what the @#$% he was doing in my truck. he told me that his gf was about to have a baby and they dont have any money and admitted that he was going to steal my stereo equipment and whatever else he could find. idiot that i am, i sent him on his way and told him i wouldnt turn him in but he had to promise to get a job like a normal person and gave him a pep talk on why stealing is bad. that lil bastard broke into 3 of my neighbors cars the very next night. not mine tho. i havent seen him since but the guy across the street knew who the kid was and caught up with him and put a pretty good beating on him cuz the kid stole his speakers, cel phone, radar detector, and some cash and popped the door handles right off his f150. theives do suck.

madman himself
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I have more stories than I care to admit regarding this. My truck was broken into in Jan, 02 in Okeechobee....almost $7500.00 worth of my hard earned stuff stolen.

QUOTE(John Maniaci @ Apr 21 2003, 03:59 PM)I have more stories than I care to admit regarding this. My truck was broken into in Jan, 02 in Okeechobee....almost $7500.00 worth of my hard earned stuff stolen.

Mini, been there tyoo, you work hard for nice things, other's see you, your attire, your ride, ect.. decide to break in and take it.. that is a bummer, been there too many times too.

Where were you motorcitymuskie? what location/ area, what type of equipment, that way if someone, anyone runs accross it, maybe they can help....
not saying it will help too much, most everyone here does not condone that activity, nor do they help it out by buying it, but it is worth a shot anyhow.
good luck on finding your stuff.

rotten people suck
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This is a little bit on the lighter side, but a theft is a theft. While fishing LSC with a very good friend a few years back. I had two G Loomis and Shimano's stolen right out of my boat, and worse, I had my hands around the thiefs neck. It was an 8 lb Musky. It flipped and flopped tangled the lines and over it went. Never to be seen again. They weren't my rods, they belonged to my friend. Needless to say we were both sick for the rest of the day.

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