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Designed and built by renowned muskie guide Lee Tauchen. Lee Lures Surface Baits are "Professional Grade" in construction, actions, fine tuned sounds, and unrivaled durability. They are simply the finest custom wooden topwater muskie lures that money can buy. But, why not let the fish be the judge?

We got in the choppers, whopper poppers, and fishstick hd, in various colors, man are they sweet

Good looking out Schram, Thanks

No pics right now, don't have the camera but had to post something to get the word out on these bad boys

Check out for pics if you like

Hopefully this week we will have some of the baddest bucktails we've ever seen from renowned Georgian Bay guide Johnny Dadson, they're pretty much bullet proof, unbelievable quality and craftsmanship

They have been nailing pigs on these bucktails

Pic attached is a Georgian Bay mid 40lber not even 50" caught the other day on a Boo Dadley bucktail that we got coming very soon, had to show something

For the fellas who gotta have the pink, we got some wild ones coming

These musky will not know what hit em with some of this crazy sh** we got coming

Hope To See Everyone Soon

Fish On,

Jimmy's Boats and Baits
37934 Jefferson
Harrison Twp. MI. 48045


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hmmmmm...... then I guess I've been buyin' cheap stuff. I haven't paid more than 17 or 18 bucks for anything.
I think I'm in the wrong business if these things are going for 27 - 30$ each!!!

Looks like the deal I got on craigslist for a box full was a better deal than I ever thought.
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