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Hi there, I'm new to LSCNet, and have only fished LSC twice in recent history (last 6 years). I'm from Ohio, and joined LSCNet hoping to make some new friends, share what little I know, and learn more about LSC, and the river that's the lifeblood of that lake. Last time I fished LSC I learned a hard lesson on how fast the rain and wind can come up and how long it takes to get back to base camp when you're fighting big waves in a small boat:) On that day, my brother and I decided to run south from our base camp in Anchor Bay, down along the western shore toward Detroit. We trolled and casted from my Lund along the shoreline for Bass and toothy critters, and by mid afternoon we got down near Grosse Point, when the wind & rain came up out of the South pretty hard. I decided I didn't like the looks of the rain clouds and the high wind, so I turned around heading back North. Next thing I knew the rain caught us, and I was taking a few waves cresting over the bow and the stern, so I slowed down a bit and tacked at an angle to the waves to keep my boat dry. It was a long, cold and wet trip back to our base camp with a lot of zig-zagging around freighters and huge cruisers to get back home. I think I'll trailer down south next time, so I can get my little Lund Rebel off the lake faster if bad weather catches us. I'll be checking n from time to time to see what's going on at LSC. Hope everyone had a Great Christmas!
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