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It almost seems like a sick joke it's so horrible:


This is so terrible. A site that we were able to shut last year has returned. We have to try to shut it down again!
( A Japanese man in New York breeds and sells kittens that are called BONSAI CATS. That would sound cute, if it weren't kittens that were put in to little bottles after being given a muscle relaxant and then locked up for the rest of their lives!! The cats are fed through a straw and have a small tube for their feces. The skeleton of the cat will take the opportunity to move. They are used as original and exclusive souvenirs. These are the latest trends in New York, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. If you think you can handle it, view and have a look at the methods being used to put these little kittens into bottles. This petition needs 500 names, so please put your one name on it!!! Copy the text into a new email and put your name on the bottom, then send it to everyone you know. If you notice that there are 500 names on the list, please send it to: [email protected] Note- Copy this e-mail, paste it into a new one, add your name, and send it to everyone you know! DO NOT FORWARD!!! I want to get this stopped as soon as possible!
1) Vicky Pratt, Canada
2) Alanna Julian, Kitchener, Canada
3) Tim Mathias, Kitchener, Canada
4) Erin Lindsay, Kitchener, Canada
5) Jody Fischer, Kichener, Canada
6) Jessica Walters, Kitchener, ON
7) Kathryn Sutton, Peterborough, ON
8) Julia Fife, Peterbrough, ON
9) Melody Thomas, Peterborough, ON, Canada
10) Chrissy Ontario Canada
11) Cheryl- Ontario Canada
12) Katie-Quebec Canada
13) Kendra Kearns - Canada
14) Jodi Tubman - Canada
15) Emily ~ Ontario Canada
16) Lauren Hall - Ontario Canada
17) Kristen Logan - Ontario Canada
18) Adriana Hinson - Ontario Canada
19) Alysha McLeod - Ontario, Canada
20) Andrew Stewart - Ontario Canada
21) Caitlin Langdon - Ontario,Canada
22) Katie Dunngian - Ontario, Canada
23) Katie Dewson - Ontario, Canada
24) Nicole R - Ontario, Canada
25) SHARON KENNEDY - Ontario, Canada
26) Katherine Graham - Ontario, Canada
27) samantha fox - Ontario, Canada
28) Katie Brock - Davenport, iowa
29) Tomi Brock - Davenport, iowa
30) Jennifer Rangel - Davenport, iowa
31) Jennifer Sanchez - Davenport, Iowa
32) Mariela DeSantiago - Davenport , Iowa
33) Lindsay Reese - Davenport, Iowa
34) Ramsay Dibbern - Iowa
35) Jennifer Binder - Iowa
36) Ashley Sherrod - Iowa
37) Jackie Pickett - Davenport, Iowa
38) Katie DeMeulenaere ~ Niles,Michigan
39) Amber Nichols ~ Texas
40) Paige Nichols ~ Texas
41) Katrina Stone - Missouri
42) Rob Stone - missouri
43) kathy stone - missouri
44) audrey stone - missouri
45) leah stone - missouri
46) rachel stone - missouri
47) Paige lansaw - ILLINOIS
48) Kerry Loos - New york
49) Ryan Jensen - New York
50) Casey Fontinelle - New York
51) Sam Fontinelle - New York
52) Adam Jensen - New York
53) Rich Jensen - New York
54) Theresa Jensen - New York
55) Pat Jensen - New York
56) Carol Jensen - New York
57) Harry Jensen - New York
58) Patty Jensen - New York
59) Sherry Liscio - Pennsylvania
60) John Borone - New York
61) Matt Dennis - New York
62) Mary Dennis - New York
63) Bill Dennis - New York
64) Stephany Fontinelle - New York
65) Lyn Fontinelle - New York
66) Chip Fontinelle - New York
67) Frank Fontinelle - New York
68) Theresa Fontinelle - New York
69) Frank Fontinelle - New York
70) Tim Lacontie - Massachusetts
71) Dawn Rossi - New York
72) Christina Kelly - New York
73) Chris Shirro - New York
74) yasmeen Ashkar
75) Jayla Frisbie
76) Dee Lansaw
77) Mike Lansaw
78) Travis LANs
79) Pat Lansaw
80) Don Dillard
81) Emily Janssen
82) Chrissy Brown
83) Nikki Decker
84) Maggie Decker
85) Pam Decker
86) Larry Alexander
87) Peggy Alexander
88) Beth Hoback
89) Lynne Polley
90) Ron Polley
91) Tim Norman
92) Justin Moose
93) Tucker Stevens
94) Kacey Stevens
95) Lauren Christie
96) Caitlin Gray ~ Mississippi
97) Chase Craven - TN
98) Drew Pieraccini - Tn
99) Alex Webb - Tennessee
100) mary jensen - tn
101) Brooke Watson ~ memphis, TN
102) Margarett - memphis!!
103) Elise A. Fabiano - hayden, id
104) Byron J. Fabiano - hayden, id
105) Lynn Fleming
106) Joe Fabiano
107) Jenica Baldwin - CD'A, ID
108) Libby Redline ID
109) Dan Redlin - ID
110) Carla Redline - ID
111) Charlie Redline ID
112) Jackson Redline - ID
113) Sam Redline - ID
114) Alex Palmer - ID
115) Ben Palmer - ID
116) Mary Palmer - ID
117) Brian Palmer - ID
118) Celene Kunkel - ID
119) Christee Hope - ID
120) Brad Hope - ID
121) Elizabeth Hope - ID
122) Chris Hope - ID
123) Brittany Hope - ID
124) Elizabeth Cook - Georgia
125) Sarah Abbott - Georgia
126) Debra Vukovich - Georgia
127) Kelly Bowers - Georgia
128) tais gomez-va
129)bailey rivera-vilseck.germany
130) James Johnson-Vilseck, Germany
131) Rebecca Linka-Vilseck, Germany
132) Nicholas Selvage-Vilseck, Germany
133)Mari Johnston-Amberg, Germany
134)Bianca Espinales-Vilseck,Germany
135)Tiarra Henderson-Virginia
136)Jackie Dougherty-New York
137)Quanisha Jones-Virginia
138)Candy Roach-Virginia
139)Roseae Pak-Virginia>140)Melissa Berdecia-Virginia
141)Danyelle Davis-Va
142)Tim Hanson-va
143) Jenni -Ga
144)Amanda Autrey- Virginia
145)Scott Burton - VA ROX!
146)Juliana Ocasio -VA ROX ON!
147) Mackenzie- Texas
148) Jessica P. VA
149) Christina A. VA
150)Sami C.VA
151) Kristin C. VA
152)Lindsay C. VA
153) Cindy M, VA
154) Ron M, VA
155) Carole T, VA
156) Ronnie T, VA
157) Ronald M, VA
158) Lucinda A, VA
159) Stevan A, VA
160) Stacey J Plunkett, GA
170) Charlie T Plunkett, GA
171) Brandy Abernathy, GA
172) Daniel Abernathy, GA
173) Melissa Steele, SD
174) John Steele, SD
175. Tawnya Walls. fla
176. david sprague jr., fla
177. alyssa sprague, fla
178. david sprague III, fla
179. Joseph Furtado ,Dart,Ma.
180. Barbara Bettencourt ,Westport,Ma.
181. Harold Pike Westport,Ma
182. Mary Mewton Warren,MI
183 Kris Mewton Warren, MI

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Um, that whole site is a joke. Its not real.

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QUOTESnowmaker Posted on Feb 5 2004, 03:06 PM
Um, that whole site is a joke. Its not real.

That's what I was better be or I'm going to have to hunt some a$$holes down!!!

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You could tell it was a joke just by looking at the site:

A. They never show an actual enclosed box with a cat in it

B. There are no items for purchase

C. If the site was run by a Vietnamese, why is his kid, who is also shown getting put into a box, white?

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wow cant believe the amount of time they went to to develope and write BS for that whole site. not to mention paying to keep it online. defeinetely not my kinda cat humor. <_<

AJU on the other hand thats different.

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It says they are accepting Paypal soon...I hope it's a joke...but it's really not funny because it gives bad ideas to already demented people!

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it's a total joke. not real. those @$$holes.

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I heard about that but honestly where does the cat sh!t or pee and how would you clean the bottle?

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The site said they glue their bootie shut and use a tube that allows them to defecate/urinate
This site is just sick! I'm surprised they put so much effort in to it too.

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THOSE BASTARDS, i thought it was real and decided since I was a handy man I would do it myself, now my cat is yelping in a wooden box and I used epoxy cement to glue the box shut and can't get him out.

I superglued his a$$ shut and put a straw in to poop but its all jammed up because it didn't fit through the straw.

HELP, who want a square cat????

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QUOTE(Goose @ Feb 5 2004, 11:18 PM)THOSE BASTARDS, i thought it was real and decided since I was a handy man I would do it myself, now my cat is yelping in a wooden box and I used epoxy cement to glue the box shut and can't get him out.

I superglued his a$$ shut and put a straw in to poop but its all jammed up because it didn't fit through the straw.

HELP, who want a square cat????
Your killing me Goose.

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i do not like cats, i wonder if they can special order me a puppy???
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