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Just tried to post this but nothing came up. Let's try 'er again. On Wendnesday my producer Mike Buschell and I went to Port Huron to fish the Press Day tournament for the Salmon Stakes tournament. . .the wind got realy bad out on the lake but we went 5 for 7 including a nice 12 lb
laker that Mike got. . .threw him back. . .season on lakers starts May 1st. I Caught the biggers fish of the tournament. . .a 9lb 4oz king. . .it was good enought to win it. Could have slammed if the wind haden't been so bad. On the way back got a couple of five and six footers !
Had to troll down wind the whole day. . .the lines kept getting fouled up. . .Doc and I are going to fish the tournement on April 26th. . .Doc plans on winning it. . .I think those charter guys are going to kill us ! Going to sign the papers on the new boat today. . .hope to pick it up on Tuesday. . .wanna be on the lake by Wednesday. . .I'll be the guy in the 20ft Skeeter going around in circles with a confused look on my face

Hope to see you guys soon. . .B.
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