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This just in !

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Actually Ken and I pick it up Wednesday afternoon. It will be preped and ready to float. They will take me and Ken on a lake by the dealership to show us how it all works. One thing I forgot to ask about, and I realy don't want to bug the guy 'cause he's realy busy, but. . .Since you have a Skeeter too. . .Is there a break in period. . .Ken mentioned a process you're supposed to go through to get the engine broke in. I'm runnin' a 250hpdi like you.
Any help ? Anybody ? . . .B.
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Ask at the dealership for a printed break in procedure for your motor. I did not get the 250HPDI, mine will be the 225 VMax EFI.

As far as what my partner Don was told, run it like you normally would, just dont run wide open for extended periods and try to vary your RPM until you reach at least 5 hours of run time.

It is always safe to ask the dealer for printed manufacturers recomendation.

I wish I could make the maiden voyage, but I will be packing for, and then heading to, Sandusky Bay on Wednesday thru Saturday for the GNT Elite Anglers Open.......

AND I STILL DONT HAVE MY BOAT! LOL Glad to see you got yours worked out. All that stress will soon be releived.

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Roger your last brother and thanks. On Wednesday we'll do the dealer seminar and then head back to Kens lake to play around. . .I'm hoping to go out Thursday and Friday. One day with Brunner for Pike on St. Clair and one day on the river with Capt. Dan for Walleyes. Kenny will probably be there both days and if you can break away for either days you're welcome. I plan on going out most every day the weather permits and any time you're open. . .come on down ! This weekend I'm going to fish the Salmon Stakes Tournament on Doc's boat. . .Good luck on your tournament. . .B.
I'm on my third boat with a Yamaha outboard. I've had a 115, a 200 Vmax EFI and now a 225 Vmax EFI on my 03 Ranger. In all three cases the owners manual has had very specific instructions on break-in procedure. They have details of what you should and should not do for the first ten hours. The procedure for these threee motors has been the same, however I would assume that the HDPI will be different. In case it WILL be in the owners manual. I would follow it to the letter!

Congrats on you new rig.
Hve Greg give you the break in sheet. I pick my boat a a couple of weeks ago and Yamaha give them a really good two page breadk-in procedure for the outboard.

The four strokes are real simple, only four steps in it. But the do recommend a total of ten hours.

It is in the manual, but they also have a two page sheet that covers the different outboards that is easier to take with you.
Friend of mine blew up a 250 yammy a couple of years ago during a Bassmaster tournament. It happened the first time he put the throttle all the way open. The Yamaha guy at the service truck (and I was standing there listening) said it was probably because he was too gingerly with it the first day and idled to long leaving metro beach (the long way) when he first used it. Hope that helps.
If your buddy hit full throttle anywhere in the first ,hour, he was not following the owners manual! You can't got up to full tilt until the second hour, and then only for one minute with a 10 min cool down (3/4 throttle or less) period.

Anyway, the manual has VERY specific break in period instructions. Follow them and you'll do fine.
Be caresul, HPDI, EFI and four strokes all have different break-in procedures.

best thing is to just follow the instructions for your motor. There isn't really much to it.
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