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went fishing from shore between metro and south river road, caught a lot of largemouth on crawlers, all very healthy and beautiful!
then came the bullheads, caught 11 in 5 hours, plus a very nice 20 inch channel cat.
my girlfriend caught a thick 14 inch silver bass(the biggest i have seen) and that made a nice dinner with the cats!!!
no perch, just alot of small bluegill.
we lost several rigs while reeling in, the carp were so thick that we would snag them on the way in, and they would break off on the dock. believe me, some of them you could not budge, just a steady pull with no relief , maybe need to rethink 8 lb line!!
next day on sunday, only 2 bass, nothing else, no carp jumping.
vacation coming sooooon!!! burt lake next month here we come~~
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