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First of all sorry about all the bitching Ive been doing. The LSCN B-day bash is this Saturday, May 17 at Tin Fish. The Tin Fish has AWESOME FOOD & plus a beautiful view of the lake. You can even arrive buy boat, but on this day you may want to use the car.

More importantly it will give you an opportunity to meet all the people of LSCN in a civilized manner.
All though I did arrange the meeting between LSCN & Tin Fish as well as play a small role in the ADD, plus the lake cam we will all be enjoying in the near future. I dont have my claws in the party yet. So theyre wont be chairs breaking. kegs flying, no polish costumes, I wont be DJing either and there wont be any aliens trying to beat up Fast Eddie, ThreeCrabs or Mahn Greyvee.

Tin Fish is a beautiful establishment with great food and a awesome view of the lake, a giant out door deck, its a classy environment and a perfect place for the 3 yr anniversary party. If you arrive I guarantee you will enjoy yourself plus meet plenty of other people who enjoy angling and our favorite place to be. Lake St. Clair.

For once you should take place in the fun rather then just seeing the Pictures.
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